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Camel Non Filter Cigarettes

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Camel cigarettes are without a doubt one of the most renowned tobacco brands in the market. Joe Camel, a famous mascot of the brand, is very popular and you can hardly find a person who won't recognize this symbol.

Camel cigarettes are produced by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and are available since year 1913. The brand has successfully survived the Second World War and became even more popular as Camels were officially supplied to the Alliance forces.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company has been always hiring the most creative advertising agencies to create the campaigns which are sophisticated but yet very talking and understandable for the masses. Camel cigarettes have also always been supported by huge PR campaigns. Various music and movie festivals, celebrities smoking Camel in public and so on - all this adds to the image of the cigarettes which are preferred by the best and affordable for everyone.

Very careful attention is also paid to the development of the products line. Camel has never been the brand of one flavor. And except so ordinary “Full Flavor” and “Lights”, many varieties of Camel cigarettes have been developed through the history of the brand presence on the international market. Let us name just a few, the most recent ones.

In 2002 the market was joined by Camel Turkish Royal. Faint gray lines run the length of the cigarette and the filter has a criss-cross pattern and was created to appeal to smokers who want a more mellow and aromatic version of the popular Camel brand. And in 2005 a new blend was introduced by the Camel brand - "Turkish Silver”. It is a somewhat lighter version of the “Turkish Gold” and “Royal”. This led to the filter color and design changes. Sometimes it is possible to read the text even when the filter has already turned into ashes.

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